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Thank you for your donations
for the drafting class of

Carver Vocational-Technical High School!

Monetary donations are still being accepted!

Show your support with a donation. Funds will go towards purchasing supplies and gift cards for students!



This list includes brand names and sizes to ensure all donations are equal in quality for future designers! Please ensure donations are similar to the brands below. Check our registry before you purchase to confirm which items are still available. Be sure to mark your item as ‘PURCHASED’ on the Wish List <>


Prefer a financial donation instead? Hit the donate button below and enter the subject ‘Drafting Supply Drive’


  1. Architectural Scale [Staedtler Mars Trianglular Plastic Drafting Scale]

  2. Engineering Scale [Staedtler Mars Triangular Plastic Drafting Scale]

  3. 9”x12” Trace Paper Pad [Blick 9’x12’ Pad]

  4. Colored Pencils [Prismacolor - 12 pack]

  5. Sketch Pen [Micron - 3 pack (01, 03, 05)]

  6. Sketching Pencils [Staedtler - 6 pack]

  7. Plastic Eraser [Staedtler (Blue wrap)]

  8. Eraser Sheld [Staedtler]

  9. Drafting Brush [Alvin]

  10. Fixed Triangle - 30/60 [Blick - 8”]

  11. Fixed Triange - 45/90 [Blick 8”]

  12. Drafting Tape [Artist Tape]

  13. T-Square [Faifate Aluminum - 24”]

  14. 4x4 Grid Paper [Beinfang - 4x4 Grid]

  15. Circle Template [Westcott C-Thru]

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