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About Us

Bmore NOMA is an organization that fosters justice and equity in communities of color through outreach, community advocacy, professional development and design excellence. We seek to engage, impact and cultivate growth within our communities in the Baltimore region and beyond.



We foster communication and fellowship among minority architects through educational, social, and charitable programs and projects. We create an environment where architects from diverse backgrounds can thrive, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the field. This empowerment not only benefits individual architects but also enriches the architectural profession as a whole by promoting diversity and inclusivity.



The pursuit of equity is a moral imperative. We work to help with dismantling discriminatory practices and policies that hinder the full participation of minority architects in design and construction projects. By fighting against such barriers, we strive to level the playing field and ensure that opportunities are accessible to architects regardless of their background. This not only fosters a more inclusive and just profession but also leads to the creation of more diverse and culturally responsive built environments. We are dedicated to combating discrimination and selection policies used to unfairly restrict minority architects' participation in design and construction. 



We work to encourage collaboration of existing and proposed local minority architectural groups. These efforts allows for the pooling of knowledge, skills, and resources, leading to more impactful initiatives and projects. Through collaboration, we can leverage the collective strength of these groups to advocate for equitable opportunities and address systemic challenges faced by minority architects.



Advocacy plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of architecture and the built environment. By promoting quality environments, we prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of the people who inhabit these spaces. Additionally, building strong professional relationships and advocating for community development ensures that architects are actively engaged in the betterment of society, not just through design, but also through a holistic understanding of the physical and social impact of their work. This advocacy work strengthens the profession's relevance and positive influence in the broader context of society.


"It took a great deal of skill and creativity and imagination to build the kind of situation we have, and it is going to take skill and imagination and creativity to change it. We are going to have to have people as committed to doing the right thing, to inclusiveness, as we have in the past to exclusiveness."
 Whitney M. Young Jr,
National Urban League President - 1968

Meet The Board

Meet The Board

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