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Bmore NOMA + ULI Baltimore Lunch and Learn: Community Wealth Builders

When: February 10, 2021 at 12:00pm

Description: Bmore NOMA and ULI Baltimore hosted a presentation about the Community Wealth Builders organization and their business crowdfunding platform Maryland Neighborhood Exchange, as well as their partner real estate development crowdfunding platform, Small Change.

  • Community Wealth Builders, founded and directed by Stephanie Geller, is a nonprofit initiative focused on promoting and catalyzing community wealth building models and strategies across Baltimore.

  • Maryland Neighborhood Exchange is the nation’s first locally-focused grassroots investment crowdfunding platform. Co-founded and co-directed by Stephanie Geller and Michael Shuman, the Exchange aims to foster a more sustainable, robust, and resilient local economy by expanding investment crowdfunding across the state.

  • Small Change is a real estate investment crowdfunding platform that matches investors with developers raising funds for transformative real estate projects, to build better cities everywhere and to provide everyone with the opportunity to invest.


  • Calvin Mcargo Jr., NCARB, AIA, NOMA - President of Bmore NOMA

  • Lisa Norris - Senior Director, ULI Baltimore


  • Stephanie Geller - Founder and Director of Community Wealth Builders and Co-founder and Co-director of Maryland Neighborhood Exchange

  • Eve Picker - founder and CEO of Small Change

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