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Bmore NOMA: Ginger Bread House

The Smoresonian presents:

The National Museum of

African American History and Culture

Our gingerbread house responds to the challenge that architects everywhere are trying to solve - how do you facilitate collaboration in the era of social distancing?

In choosing the building, we wanted to choose something that was dynamic in it's form, but easily broken down into components. It was also important that we highlighted the work of an African-American architect.

Our gingerbread house was broken into three parts [site, massing, screening] that could easily be designed virtually using 3D modeling, but constructed in isolation.

The undulation of the landscape is captured in the swooping wisps of green sugar coated frosting, interrupted by sour string pathways and dotted with spearmint trees.

Some of the most iconic features of the site, including the graham cracker Porch and tranquil reflection fountain, are also represented.

The building mass is true to form as the primary structure, wrapped in black licorice mullions and topped with a field of Hershey Bar solar panels on the roof. A dusting of fresh espresso beans tops the parapet.

The building would not be complete without it's signature rustic screens, represented with sweet royal icing and salty pretzel sticks.

The beauty of bringing each of the pieces together is reminiscent of the construction of the real building. It was also fun to get together, even just for a moment!

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