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Doors Open Baltimore 2018

Doors Open was a success and we can’t wait to do it again! All that came out for the event were eager to voice their opinions, express their designs and speak-out about how we can create a dynamic experience within the city. Check out the infographic to see what people wanted per the numbers! Although we did not have outreach to all parts of the city, we will continue to develop more concepts to keep the community's needs populated.

Neighborhood Analysis - Residents thoughtfully critique their neighborhoods

The vacant lot modeling exercise was a hit! We definitely had some future designing. Some of the designs included: Reflection Ponds, Sculptures, Skate Parks, Bus Stops with Shelter, Green Roofs, Vacant-Lot Vegetable Gardens, Amphitheatre, Murals etc. All of the design had one main them: Design a space for everyone in the city to create their own experience. Through the various examples and design exercises, everyone left eager to beautify their block! Check out the before and after photos for some of the completed modeling exercises!

Physical Model - Residents explore and their designs

Thanks again to GWWO Architects, Ayers Saint Gross and Bmore NOMA Community Outreach committee for donating supplies, planning the event, harboring space and volunteering your time #communityengagement

~ Ariana Parrish (Community Outreach Chair)

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